Our donors, and the beneficiaries of their generosity, have stories to share.

Read their inspiring stories below:


Barbara Litzkow

Isolation is a challenge older adults often deal with when they choose to age in place, and many fail to thrive on their own without intervention. This is where Friendship at Home steps in.

Christine Schlesinger

When asked why she supports the Senior Friendship Centers, Christine says “I am committed to Senior Friendship Centers because of the amazing work we do to help people over 60 find socialization with their peers, find enrichment, improve their health and find community” She adds, “people turn to us in times of crisis. We make a difference in people’s lives.” 

Howard Schekner

Howard Scheckner, a dedicated volunteer at the Senior Friendship Centers in Sarasota, initially had limited knowledge of the organization's true value within the community. Like many long-time residents, he assumed it was a place where older individuals simply passed the time or sought respite for their families.

Jim Meister

Jim recalls the humble beginning of Senior Friendship Centers when it started 50 years ago. He shared how Brother Geenen founded the organization when he recognized the opportunity to assist aging individuals in Sarasota.

Kathy Silverberg

Kathy Silverberg witnessed the transformative power of the Senior Friendship Centers through her father’s life. Their commitment to meeting the needs of the elderly population struck a chord with her, igniting a deep passion for supporting this vital organization.

Kevin Maisch

When Kevin retired in 2014, he wanted to get involved in his community.  Given the increasing number of seniors in Sarasota coupled with the highly regarded reputation of the Senior Friendship Centers; their comprehensive set of programs and services, financial stability and impressive volunteer involvement, it was a perfect fit.

Nancy Sembar

“Not having a driver’s license has been hard, but Senior Friendship Centers has been so good to me. I don’t know what I would do otherwise.”

Nancy and Keith Carman

“We love everything this place offers to people, and we wanted a way to give back. We play live jazz, blues, country and classic rock music on Thursdays for most of the year with our band, ‘The Carman Connection.’ Music reaches people’s hearts in a special way. We became members of the Legacy Society because we want to make sure that Senior Friendship Centers is around for generations to come.”

Ed Rycraft

"When my wife passed away, I didn't do anything, I hated the world. After joining Senior Friendship Centers, my health got ten times better."